Free One Click Vector iTunes Icon Generator

2012 December 7th

With the recent release of iTunes 11, Apple overhauled the entire user interface, and left few things untouched.  Upon starting the application, I was surprised to see a glossy new icon bouncing in my dock.  I often employ various custom icons across my system, and thought that it would be fun to see what the new icon would look like with a more purple hue.  This lead to the creation of this week’s Freebie, a one click iTunes icon generator.  To create your own iTunes inspired icon, open the Illustrator file, place your logo within the dotted line, and click any of the 10 graphic styles (of varying colors).  Presto!  That’s it!  You now have a custom, retina-ready icon at your disposal.  In order to scale the icon, make sure that “Scale Strokes & Effects” is checked in Illustrator’s general preferences.  As you can see, I created versions for many of the Adobe Creative Suite applications.  Feel free to post your own designs in the comment thread.
Click on the title picture to jump to the downloads page.

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Go Vote!

2012 November 5th

Celebrating our democratic heritage, tomorrow is election day in the United States. To help in a last effort to urge everyone to get out the vote and participate, I’ve added a freebie that you can share with friends and family. Regardless of political motivations, it is important to share your voice! Typing “vote” into Google will lead you to detailed information on how to find your polling location.
Archival Image Source: Library of Congress
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Energy-X Wakeboard Design

2012 November 1st

Nothing embodies the mentality of extreme sports quite like wakeboarding, which is a natural companion to the Energy-X brand of products. When presented with the challenge of a board design I wanted to make sure to showcase the brand, in addition to the sense of energy that it conveys. By exhibiting the logo on a relatively flat carbon-fiber surface, I made sure to draw the viewer’s gaze. I complimented this with an energy blast that rips open the right side of the board, making it appear as if it is unable to contain the energy within. I will be sure to post follow-ups as I render the art on the CAD drawing, and final product.
Click the image for a high resolution preview.

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Happy Halloween!

2012 October 31st

Considering that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, I thought that it would be fitting to celebrate with a spooky doodle. I hope that everyone has an enjoyable and safe Halloween!
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“It looks like you have a case of the Mondays…”

2012 October 29th

Borrowing a line from Office Space, do you ever just feel like you’re having a case of the Mondays? Finding inspiration at the start of the work week can often be a challenge. I designed this fun wallpaper to help provide a creative spark with a dash of vibrant color and fun typography. The download archive includes the Illustrator source file, and standard resolutions for each member of the current Apple line-up. Additionally, the beautiful script font can be downloaded pay-what-you-want via LostType.

Download Resume PDF
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